A Powerful SharePoint Tree View Web Part (Part 2)

Recently one of our customers asked me why not integrate the SharePoint built-in context menu into SPListTreeView web part.

We really want to integrate the SharePoint built-in context menu. After all, this can aviode thousands of lines of code, so why not? In fact, like other similar web parts, we had done so in the first version of the SPListTreeView web part.

But shortly afterwards, we found it was not a good idea because of obnoxious reloading and redirecting pages. For example, after “Edit in XXX” menu item was clicked and the document has been saved, the whole page will be reload.  Other menu items, such as “Create Document Workspace” and “Manage Permissions”, have the similar issues, in these scenarios,  users will be redirected to a different page.

For our Ajax-based web part, SPListTreeView, this is completely unacceptable.  That’s why we discard integrating the “handy” SharePoint context menu.

To be continuted…

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A Powerful SharePoint Tree View Web Part (Part 1)

Theming UI of RedSun Tree View web part

Welcome to here. In my first post, I intend to introduct you to a powerful SharePoint web part, RedSun List Tree View web part.

RedSun List Tree View web part is an AJAX-based web part which enables you to manage your list or document library with hierarchical view in SharePoint 2010. Like navigating file system directories in Windows Explorer, you can create, rename, delete, move, drag and drop folders and list items (or files) on the fly. With Contextual Ribbon Tab, you can also bulk edit, check-in, check-out or download documents.

•Taking full advantage of the AJAX technology to deliver an unsurpassed responsiveness and user experience
•Easy deployment and simple configuration
•SharePoint Document Library and Common List supports
•Security trimming Enabled
•Can be used to handle millions of records
•Support Contextual Ribbon Tab
•Tree View navigation to facilitate content discovery and navigation
•Context Menu which item can be added or hidden through SharePoint Feature
•Drag & drop supports
•Supports theming, paging, sorting, resizing, searching, grouping and toolbar
•Works with SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010
•Free 30-day evaluation license

To be continuted…

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